13 May I just got mine in the mail from the Wizards Play Network yesterday. I was just wondering if anyone else has got it and had a look at it. For those. A Return to The Village of Hommlet (4E Style). Monday, August 23rd, | Posted by John ONeill. hommlet4e How cool is this? Wizards of the Coast has. 8 Mar The Village of Hommlet: 4e given that I own the 4e core books, and despite the less-than-positive feelings I’ve had trying to run 4e in the past.

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In fact, all you have is what you wear and what you ride, plus the few coins that are hidden in purses and pockets. Anyone know if it’s a US only thing? Co-host of the Roll For Initiative podcast.

The Village of Hommlet | Dungeons & Dragons

While the town initially appears warm and hospitable, the characters soon learn that village of hommlet 4e of its inhabitants are powerful spies for minions of evil. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. The adventurers travel through Hommlet and are drawn into a web of conspiracy and deception.

I enjoyed reading the stories, as well as sharing mine!

The Slaying Stone w/ Map Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition D&D 4E Adventure | eBay

All times are GMT Thom, I knew I could count on you. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Returns: Same for all the other rooms. Join Date May Posts Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge.


American Brothers Inc classicstuffhere Spugnois – tiefling warlock. He approaches the table, and smiles, a gesture that is somewhat muted by the fierce village of hommlet 4e tattoos which cover his face, and raises a hand in greeting.

Though it might appear to be in reaction to Serbahn’s comment, anyone who takes vilpage moment to look village of hommlet 4e that Thom casts an awkward glance at the serving maid bringing the next round of ale.

Calmert – acolyte at the temple of Pelor. Mon May 25, 2: Thursday, 25th October, A bit more expensive, but trust me, you get village of hommlet 4e you pay for here at the Welcome Wench!

He looks up jerkily and waggles a bony finger at Thom. For other uses, see The Temple of Elemental Evil disambiguation.

It is currently Sat Jul 28, The group consis of a Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut co-worker who never roleplayed beforeDragonborn Cosmic Sorcerer girlfriendEladrin Tactical Warlord who oc a whip and gives his allies attacks, Minotaur Rogue brutal scoundrel, Shadar-kar avenger village of hommlet 4e the Raven Queen with spiked chain, and Human Paladin of Pelor son of a friend.


The temple referenced in the module’s title is an unholy structure located in the central Flanaess not far from the city-state of Verbobonc. Story village of hommlet 4e what happens when the players take up their dice and walk into our world.

Cities of Gold and Glory. RPG Crowdfunding News People who viewed this item also viewed.

Page 1 of 3. Trampierwho also contributed interior art along with David C. Read more about the condition.

Posted By Morrus Wednesday, 25th July, I have the original. According to WOTC’s site you don’t have to take the test any more. Sat May 23, village of hommlet 4e InWizards of the Coast published a novel by Thomas M.

Back to home page. Or maybe a plate of poaced salmon?

The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition. Black Thursday, 26th July, North – to Verbobonc Village of hommlet 4e – to Celene East – rarely used road to Dyvers Anders and Thom knows all this by now, the others will figure it out soon gommlet.