A superb new graphic memoir in which an inspired artist/storyteller reveals the road that brought his family to where they are today: Vietnamerica GB Tran is a. In Vietnamerica, GB Tran unveils his own association with a family history of which he was almost entirely ignorant. His work seems to owe a substantial debt to. The latest Tweets from GB Tran (@vietnamerica). Cartoonist trying to be a dad trying to be a graphic designer trying to be a husband trying to be a cartoonist.

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In the book’s opening pages, Tran’s father chides the author for trying to judge things in Vietnam from a vantage of vietnamerica gb tran At times, however, it can get quite confusing viethamerica shifts in time and place, and trying to keep track of different people through different marriages, etc. We Are Not Alone More.

And one family friend who spent six years in a North Vietnamese prison camp wonders who had vietnamerica gb tran harder time – him, or the Tran family fleeing to a strange new country. I remember trying to learn more about their life before their arduous journey to America, and them somehow tean with both anger and indifference.


Vietnamerica gb tran himself comes off in his younger days as apathetic and neglectful, caring little for whatever vietnameria his parents might have had before they become the monolithic individuals he seems vietnamerica gb tran see them as while he is growing up. Vietnamerica gb tran 8 Preview Chapter. So they adopted my father and my aunt. I would listen to the stories of their mysterious past, and imagine they are talking about strangers or even fictional characters.

In Tran’s memoir, theme, narrative, and art work together to create a deeply compelling graphic novel Chapter 11 Vietnamerica gb tran Chapter. Review copy submission may be facilitated via the Contact page. Vietnamerica is worth your time. Tran parents, they simply thought that they were going to flee for about a year to let the new government get settled and moved back into their vietnamrica home but in the end they never went back and it took two decades before his parents could visit Vietnam.


Really good, I’m probably bringing it home for veitnamerica mom to read.

Tran is a trailblazer in his own right. Really beautiful personal story about the creator’s family’s history in Vietnam. His life remains largely in the background, except when it intersects with the family’s experience in Vietnam. It got pulled back out when and packed with books I was bringing on the move to Vietnam I pretty much grabbed up all of the Vietnam-related books I had in the massive to-be-read pile, which amounted to, well, several.

If not, and vietnamerica gb tran are interested in learning the experiences of 1st generation Vietnamese-Americans and their families,I suggest Daughters of the Vietnamerica gb tran Huong by Uyen Nicole Duong.

I checked out many graphic novels that are supposedly critically acclaimed and yet I found them to be complete rubbish. The overall structure of the Vietnamerica is collection of mini-memories contained in a larger one, G.

vietnamerica gb tran

Title Star-Rating Genre Publisher. The illustrations are just stunning and there’s also a page or two of photographs of his family. Even though I vietnamerica gb tran not Vietnamese I felt this story to be personal and too close to how much this book is relatable to me. The story is vietnamerica gb tran bit confusing vietnameeica first, but eventually finds its grove and becomes totally engrossing.

And there was so much intense emotion vetnamerica was held quietly in check by so vietnamerica gb tran people and that was kind of excruciating in a good way. However, when his last two surviving grandparents die within a few months of each other, Tran goes to Vietnamerica gb tran with his parents, and meets entire branches of his family for the first time. A Family’s Journey” vietnamerica gb tran the messy middle ground of that question. Tran traces his family lineage, talking about his grandparents and his parents.


My grandparents didn’t get the full extent of the horrors of a dictatorship but they got to see basic human rights throw out the window, all currency was forced to return to the government vietnamerica gb tran they controlled how much you receive with new currency, trqn people suffering with less food to eat and not getting paid enough to support a family all in the name of a revolution.

The story was interesting and I think readers will enjoy and learn from this book. Besides jumping around in timelines quite a bit, the author also shifts between narrators quite a bit, which adds another layer of potential confusion to the mix.

This opportunity to engage and connect with communities continues to be one of my greatest unexpected joys from comics. Be vietnamfrica first to comment Hide Vietnamerica gb tran. A Survivor’s Tale for example. Overall, a good read. If you like the graphic memoir genre, or have an interest in Vietnam, this is definitely worth checking out.

Two weeks later, the state called them and explained that no one had claimed them and asked if they would like to adopt the vietnamerica gb tran.

Vietnamerica by GB Tran |

Here are some of photos on this marvelous book and I hope you could check it out and read it. But that lack of knowledge on US history was a bit of a shame to me. Dec 28, krystal rated it it was amazing Shelves: I hope that more authors create such beautiful pieces of work so that we can begin vietnamerica gb tran an adult graphic novel section and this sort vietnamerica gb tran book becomes more commonplace.