This photo shows a variety of silencers recovered by Canadian law enforcement officials. They are cutaway so that the serious scholar of silencerology can study . The Hayduke Silencer Book has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. Learn how to make firearm silencers from common items found around the house. George Hayduke. Wed, 17 Oct GMT the hayduke silencer book by pdf – THE. HAYDUKE SILENCER. BOOK This silencer is from a ChiCom Type 64 submachine.

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David Sheldon marked it as to-read May 08, The outer tube unit is mounted on thw gun by carefully sliding it over the inner pipe so it fits snugly against the tape adapters. He once told another expert in the field that the most effective and efficient types of homemade silencers conform to five basic design features.

The Hayduke Silencer Book (Complete).PDF

Because many of these mufflers are designed only to trap gases and not to have a projectile passing through them, they often do not have straight-through openings. If your plug doesn’t already have a hole in it, cut an X into its center before you insert it into the tube. Fill out rest of the form and sign it.

What you get in this book is how to build a working silencer at your kitchen table in less than an evening’s time, using only common hand tools and easily available, inexpensive materials. The point is, if you start assembling these NFA parts prior to having that approved Form 1 in your possession, the feds could claim prima facie evidence of intent to manufacture an unlicensed silencer.


For variation, you can pour a bit of water into the bottle before you put it on your firearm. The answer is in Chapter 5, but please read Chapter 4 first. The hxyduke plug must be flush with the end of the tube, so you may have to do some adjusting as you go.

I am also including the experiences and suggestions of personal friends whose colorful and often shadowy lives have wafted into the arcane world of silencers. A frieze plug, with a hole cen- tered and drilled, is then riveted over that end of the smaller tube.

These plans show how to make a simple mount for the replaceable silencer. As I’ve written, these designs really work. Use the hose clamp, a setscrew, or a compression fitting to secure the unit to the gun. Slate, and local law. Use tape, a compression fitting, or silejcer hose clamp to attach the can to your sulencer.

There are times in the conduct of human affairs when it becomes nec- essary to Hayduke someone or something bolk the nonlethal use of a firearm, and prudent tactic suggests a silencer.

The Hayduke Silencer Book

Been discharged from the armed sikencer under dishonorable conditions? You probably have most, if not all, of them in your home now. The generic design presented here is for a. You’ll be working with light fastening, so nothing fancy is required. Real silencers have to be large enough to contain 80 to 90 percent of the noise- causing gas that escapes when a gun is fired.

In his many years of experience, Ed has seen, examined, and used thousands of silencers, both legal and otherwise. This is the universal finger- print card that your local or state police personnel will use to record your fingerprints for the BATF files in Washington.


This is the form you file in dupli- cate with the feds before you actually build a silencer. If the cleaning rod moves easily in and out of the bore and unit, the alignment is OK. It is preferred that sielncer form be prepared by use of a typewriter, using cerbon paper to make an exact duplicate Pen end ink may be used, but under no circumstances wifi a form filled in by use of a lead pencil be accepted. Position the first plug about two-thirds of the way down the tube.

And since you’re not a truly dangerous criminal, the feds will bust you quicker and easier than they would a real bad guy. Tighten the hose clamp. You’ll need a frieze plug here, too.

The Hayduke Silencer Book (Complete).PDF : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

As I noted in the last chapter, I welcome your correspondence and ideas on silencer designs So obey those great laws out there, folks. Do not tell them why you want this type of ammo.

James Mascuilli marked it as to-read Nov 04, Choate, a superb machinist and silencer designer. The following are some very simple silencers you can create in just minutes from common materials you would normally toss in the trash.

An alien who is illegally or unlaw ‘idly In ttw United States? Photo courtesy of J. Just a moment while we hhayduke you in to your Goodreads account.