Based on the best-selling novel by George V. Higgins, The Friends of Eddie Coyle chronicles the last days of a weary Boston-based weapons dealer. Eddie. In one of the best performances of his legendary career, Robert Mitchum plays small-time gunrunner Eddie “Fingers” Coyle in an adaptation by Peter Yates of. In one of the best performances of his legendary career; Robert Mitchum plays small-time gunrunner Eddie “Fingers” Coyle in Peter Yates’s adaptation of.

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ffiends Retrieved 14 April Can you imagine being a kid like that? Deep weariness and disappointment hover in every gesture and line reading, especially when [Robert Mitchum] manages to get off a funny remark.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For the novel on which this film is based, see The Friends of Eddie Coyle novel. The head of the crime family mistakenly believes it was Coyle who frifnds on Scalisi and Van’s gang.

Coyle has refused to give Dillon up to the authorities in exchange for leniency. The fictional Dillon was also an informant, like Whitey, edide was shown both protecting and promoting his own interests by funneling information about his underworld competition to the police.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle

The New York Times. Season 2 Doctor Who: Robert Mitchum Peter Boyle.

Kevin O’Morrison as Manager of 2nd Bank. Foley tells Eddie his information offer was too late colye he therefore cannot make a deal for leniency. August 5, Full Review…. View All Audience Reviews. February 2, Rating: The prosecutor and defense counsel discuss options, but both show resignation that whatever happens to Jackie Brown, nothing will change in the world of crime.


The Friends of Eddie Coyle () – IMDb

This page was last edited on 13 Augustat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The mob becomes aware that Eddie is squealing to the cops, so they send his best friend, Dillon Peter Boyleto rub him out. To set up the hit, which has to be carried out that night, Dillon tells Eddie that the phone call was from a friend who can’t make it to the Boston Bruins hockey game that night.

Dillon convinces the intermediary that he was afraid that Coyle was going to inform on him to stay out of jail. Macmillan Publishing printed a 40th anniversary friendss of The Friends of Eddie Coyle under the Picador imprint friencs Season 11 The Flash: Peter Yates’s crime drama is a haunting, singular experience, brutal and minutely observed, with a remarkably authentic sense of place.

Dillon receives a call confirming the plan to kill Coyle, and subsequently invites him to the Bruins game that evening. This weekend marks the finale in the series, Robert Mitchum: Fresh Off the Boat. January 26, Full Review…. Bulger would become,” although George V.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle (novel) – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: The Friends of Eddie Coyle is a very good example of gritty s Hollywood. March 26, Full Review…. This page was last edited on 18 Augustat Peter MacLean as Partridge. January 2, Full Review…. Matthew Cowles as Pete.


The intermediary tells Dillon he will get back to him after talking to “The Man”. Watching it recently reminded me why …. While Eddie gets drunk, he and Dillon discuss the arrest of Scalise and Van. The “nephew” offers to give them a lift.

Coyle meets with Foley and argues that he has fulfilled his end of the deal, but Foley claims his superiors don’t agree. He soliloquizes about Bobby Orrthe hockey great who helped lead the Bruins to two Stanley Cup victories in and the latter the year the film was made in Boston.

Coyle’s last chance is securing a sentencing recommendation through the help of an ATF agentDave Foley, who demands that Coyle become an informer in return.

Coyle feels he has fulfilled his end of the deal, but Foley puts the squeeze on Eddie, demanding more information for his cooperation.

Joe Santos as Artie Van. Even Better than True”. In the car, Dillon asks a drunk and sleepy Eddie where his car is parked, but Eddie does not respond, having fallen asleep. They leave the car containing Eddie’s body outside a bowling friens on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester and split up.