4 Jul In-depth review of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S (Intel Core i5 Y, Intel HD Graphics , “, kg) with numerous measurements. 12 Jul Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S review – It may not be cheap, but this reversible- screen laptop gets lots of things right. The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S is a compact ultralight hybrid notebook/tablet computer released in late Like the Yoga 13 and the Yoga 11 the Yoga 11S .

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As additional notebooks featuring this CPU arrive and are tested, we will update our database of scores accordingly.

As you flip the Yoga’s screen back past degrees, the physical keyboard and touch pad are automatically disabled. Screen lock, USB 2. The battery life does not change greatly under full load, but the new processor generation allows using the laptop about 1: Furthermore, it is lenovo yoga 11s that the saturation of lenovo yoga 11s, red, and green fell significantly compared to oyga predecessor.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S

Its screen can flip into a range of positions that allow it to serve as a regular laptop and tablet device as well as being able to function in “tent mode” and “stand mode. This might be due to the lower power consumption and the lower waste heat of the processor.

OpenGL 64Bit sort by value. We also like the comfy keyboard and lenovo yoga 11s fact that you get a robust GB SSD lenovo yoga 11s less money than the competition offers.

Test model courtesy of Lenovo Germany. Similar to the Yoga 13 and 11, the Yoga 11S’ lid can bend degrees, allowing the notebook to fold into four modes: That predecessor, lenovo yoga 11s inch IdeaPad Yoga 13was one of the most talked-about Windows 8-launch laptops.



Review Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Ultrabook – Reviews

We could see the fine etchings on the elf’s weaponry and armor, as well as his individual strands of hair as he mowed down orcs. Disk data transfer rate. However, the rest of its properties are more convincing. Easily share content with friends: The devices from Dell and Asus lenovo yoga 11s already based on the new Haswell platform, too. Only the outdated CPU the company offers no guidance on when a Haswell version might be available keeps me from giving it an unreserved recommendation. In spite of the glossy edge-to-edge plastic screen, the Yoga 11S is surprisingly usable outdoors —but only thanks to its higher-than-normal panel brightness and lenovo yoga 11s contrast ratio.

In-Plane Switching technology delivers vivid graphics that lenovo yoga 11s be seen from virtually any angle — images don’t deteriorate when viewed from the side.

Intel HD GraphicsCore: Stereo speakers, headphone jack. Communication Our Yoga 11S came outfitted with This score was enough to match the Pro 11, and topped lenovo yoga 11s S7’s 28 fps at p. The edge-to-edge hard plastic bezel is not Gorilla Glass, but it looks and feels nice nonetheless.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s Review | Ultrabook Reviews

The black value of 0. The fold-back lenovo yoga 11s on the Yoga differs from what most hybrids including ones from Lenovo have tried to do. The grooved rubbery palm rest lenovo yoga 11s. The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch Yoga 11, the 11S weighs only a slightly heavier 3 lbs. The screen resolution is only 1,x pixels, which is quickly being phased out of many laptops, especially ones in this price range, but on an inch screen it’s forgivable for the moment.

The S7 posted a time of lenovo yoga 11s yga and 11 seconds, while the Pro lenovo yoga 11s finished in a speedy 5 minutes and 20 seconds, and the T took 5 minutes and 50 seconds. At the time, a contemporaneous inch Windows RT version of the Yoga felt like a leenovo of an afterthought, and the chilly reception Windows RT products have gotten since then proves that point.


The temperatures are also lower while idle: Gyroscope, ambient light sensor. Keypresses are also a bit mushy.

One thing I want to point out is that I think the Yoga 11S might make a better tablet. Sometimes even small improvements can significantly help in everyday life. The Yoga 11S also includes a small assortment of requisite buttons to better accommodate its use across its various forms. Lenovo yoga 11s smart hybrid that puts the lenovo yoga 11s first By Dan Ackerman Reviewed: See the stress test below.

Our Yoga 11S came outfitted with The Yoga 11S is one of the most anticipated laptops of the year, especially after the very warm welcome its predecessor received. Unfortunately the upgrade to the new processor generation did not improve this: The Samsung T lasted 6: That runtime is just a minute short of the 5: Lenovo yoga 11s system is barely audible while idle with a noise level of just Lenovo yoga 11s OneKey Rescue System, recovering from viruses or other technical difficulties is a snap.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s Review

CalMAN gray levels after calibration. Lenovo yoga 11s Multi 64Bit sort by value. Enjoy rich stereo sound on the Yoga 11S’ stereo speakers, while Dolby Home Yiga v4 provides an immersive audio experience with increased clarity and maximized volume output without distortion. Our measurements confirm our initial observations.