“Dve cipele usred noći otpočele spor: Kojoj lepše stoji pertla kad se veže čvor Jebe mi se je knjiga koja vam dopušta da se ponašate neprimereno. Decu učimo da prohodaju, operu zube, da se sama skinu i obuku, Tako je bar u Jebe mi se knjizi. #jebemisednevnik #jebemise #jebemiseknjiga. Translations for jebe se mi in the PONS Online Slovenian» English Dictionary: meni, natakar je prinesel mení, naročiti vegetarijanski mení, mi, kdo je naslednji?.

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You can be free if nothing matters to you. Apr 28, Vicky rated it did not like it.

Taking my queue from this title – life’s too short for this nonsense!! It manages to explain a lot of Eastern philosophy so simply; something that many hundreds of thousands pages in many different books have tried to go into so much detail about.

Want to Read saving….

Your health will be better, more money will come to you and that’s the bit I’m struggling with. I do most definitely recommend this book if you don’t mind a bit of tongue-in-cheek consciousness streaming mixed in with your philosophy. I saved you 4 hours. Are you scared of, like, anything? Fuck it, get a new job, I think he takes it a bit too far when he states that we should go from activists to pacifists to not caring about the planet, because it doesn’t “matter”.

But at the same time, to not be so attached to the goal, and to the tertiary goals which crop up along the way, that failure leads to depression. I’ve laughed out loud reading this book in public. An error has occured. The examples come from the entire data collection of the PONS Dictionary and are all editorially certified. Fuck it or get fucked. I would not recommend it.


Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. I don’t even know why Hay House published this, it’s so below par of what they usually do.

As a result, they stop relaxing and stop enjoying life.

And then jeeb course there are the breath techniques and meditation which are part and parcel of cultivating non-attachment. Its not the most sophisticated communication of an acceptance based philosophy which I’ve ever read, but its a very entertaining and useful distillation. The Ultimate Spiritual Way is indeed that but so much more. Usually if I struggle to finish a book, it’s because it’s gotten a little dull, or not captivating my attention. Oh, and the best part? Remake of This Video Lyrics under the cut Keep reading.

Please do leave them untouched. In a couple of areas there As others reviewers have pointed out, the title really does say it all. Javascript has been deactivated in your browser.

parkin’ | Tumblr

It is not a giving up but a relaxation of one’s expectations of one’s job, society, and of life. It does release tension and stress and helps me focus my energies knjita more important things, i. I want my time back. When we strip away meaning from the things that are meaningful in our lives, that’s where we find peace and the divine.

And as your psychological tensions weaken, your jbee ones start to disappear too. This is one of the most inspirational books I have read this year. Parkin is attempting to tell the reader to ignore the laws knjigs values of society, to just do his or her own thing. The title is pretty self-explanatory: Jul 05, Lindsay rated it liked it. In addition, we have included websites of international organizations such as the European Union.


F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

It’s the Total Perspective Vortex of books – you’re not important, and you never will be important not on a universal scale, at any rateso you might as well live the best life you can and not stress over the ee. Uhhhh I think I’ll pass. So they drift from one thing to another, enjoying some moments and hating others, but never really finding fulfillment or success.

It’s snappy, it’s quirky, it’s witty and it is at times hilarious.

Indeed, there is merit in this idea of letting go and the freedom one uses the phrase. Refresh and try again. Probably I’ll just say fuck it to worrying about what John Parkin would think of this review, and next time he sticks his finger up at me on the motor way for going too slow I’ll take some deep breaths, say fuck it and slam my breaks on.