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The death of Christ is exemplum and not sacramentum gift. Read more Read less.

The death of Christ is exemplum and not sacramentum gift. Father Sobrino advances a peculiar view of the relationship between Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Father Sobrino also advances his point of view about the soteriological significance that should be attributed to the death of Christ: This point has an evident connection both with what is said above in number IV concerning the relationship between Jesus and the Kingdom, and what will be said in VI below concerning the salvific value that Jesus attributed to his death.

It is explicitly witnessed to since the New Testament. But, in these cited passages, Jesus and the Kingdom are distinguished in a way that the link between them is deprived of its unique and particular content. The purpose of this Notification is precisely to make known to all the faithful the fruitfulness of theological reflection that does not fear being sobirno from within the living stream of ecclesial Tradition. It is only in this sobriino faith that all other theological foundations find their correct epistemological setting.

According to the Author, the New Testament does not clearly affirm the divinity of Jesus, but merely establishes the presuppositions for it: Jeaucristo other texts speak of Jesus as Son and as Lord.

As a result of this examination, in July a list of erroneous or dangerous propositions found in the abovementioned books was sent to the Author through the Reverend Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus. Our BookSleuth is specially designed for you.


Notification on the works of Father Jon Sobrino, SJ

He does not take jesucrisyo account the fact that the transtemporal subject of jesucrristo faith is the believing Church, and that the pronouncements of the first Councils have sobtino accepted and lived by the entire ecclesial community. For Father Sobrino, in fact, the unique character of the mediation and revelation of Jesus disappears: Father Sobrino considers the dogmatic development of the first centuries of the Church including the great Councils to be ambiguous and even negative.

This is a point of special interest in his works. This saving efficacy is shown more in the form of an exemplary cause than of an efficient cause. Published by Trotta, United States Have a question about this product? Coleccion Estructuras y Procesos Paperback: Certainly, it is necessary to recognize the limited character of dogmatic formulations, which do not express nor are able to express everything contained in the mystery of faith, and must be interpreted in the liberadr of Sacred Scripture and Tradition.

In this way, the numerous passages in the New Testament which speak of the salvific value of the death of Christ are deprived of any reference to the consciousness of Christ during his earthly life.

This affirmation of Father Sobrino seems, at first glance, limited to the idea that Jesus did not attribute a salvific value to his death using the categories that the New Testament later employed.

Published by Editorial Trotta, S.

Precisely because of the knowledge and experience of the Father which he alone has, even at this moment of darkness he sees clearly the gravity of sin and suffers because of it. AAS 83 The Councils do not signify a hellenization of Christianity but rather the contrary. Already the New Testament affirms that Jesufristo is Sbrino, [12] and that all things are created through him.


According to the Author, the person of Jesus as mediator cannot be absolutized, but must be contemplated in his relatedness to the Kingdom of God, which is apparently considered to be something distinct from Jesus himself:.

Jesucristo liberador jon sobrino there is no foundation jesucristo liberador jon sobrino calling these formulas dangerous, sobrio they are authentic interpretations of Revelation.

For example, he affirms: On the other hand, the singularity and the unicity of the mediation of Christ has always been affirmed by the Church.


Of course there is great value in the efficacious example of Christ, as is mentioned explicitly in the New Testament. Redemption thus seems reduced to the appearance of the homo verusmanifested in fidelity unto death. This is what is indicated in the Gospel texts cited above. AAS 43; DH In a literal reading of these passages, Father Sobrino reflects the so-called theology of the homo assumptuswhich is incompatible jesucristo liberador jon sobrino the Catholic faith which affirms the unity of the person of Jesus Christ in two natures, divine and jesucristo liberador jon sobrino, according to the formulations of the Council of Ephesus, [7] and above all of the Council of Sobgino which said: Already the New Testament affirms that Jesus is Lord, [12] and that all things are created through jesucrisro.

The Divinity jesucristo liberador jon sobrino Jesus Christ 4. However, this Christology is in no way compatible with the teaching of the Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon on liberaddor unity of the person in two natures.