2 Jun The Fränkische Schweiz aka Frankenjura has an enormous amount of or App is the better resource for access and topo documentation. Discover the world class sport climbing and rock climbing to be found at Frankenjura that is located near the cities of Nuremberg, Bamberg, and Bayreuth in. Holzgauer Wand. Closed from to 12 m. Just to the left side, the rest of this crag is illustrated on a separate TOPO. 1 Schleifentrick. 8+. 2 Neuer Riß.

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Since Franken belongs to Bavaria can you not say that the Franke are Bavarians?

Frankenjura Nord, Sport climbing | theCrag

Areas Add area s Add topo Reorder Bulk edit. Hi Kelly, thanks for coming by. A note about Top-ropes: The Frankehjura crashpad from Moon Climbing.

Find the parking easily. However, there is surely another exposed area which is dry. The cookie settings on this website are set to “allow cookies” to give you the best browsing experience possible.

Many areas that are highly frequented and top roped, show signs of usage of the bolts. Mark your climbs with a Zlag! Showcase climbing routes on your site. See all contributors Karma. It still surprises me to meet people who comes here who says they loathe climbing on holes.

Seasonal closures for protected frnakenjura. VL for business Smart Climbing Gym. Check out the route details, find the best rated climbs and read the comments by other climbers. Usually, the glass would be served half full, but often, it can be more than that too. Frankennjura knows no language barriers.


Visited the Franken for about a week in June Climbing is very popular here, so expect to meet other climbers at the crag, and don’t be too surprised if some of the popular routes at the popular crags are a bit polished.

Access issues Frankenjura has an established zone concept regulating whether a rock is allowed and if yes, how: Sometimes with just one or two bolts.


If you don’t find it, it may be because it has a special character in the name. Description Limestone — not very sharp. Frankenjura Logistics The best time to climb at Frankenjura is late spring and autumn, but as many of the crags either face north or are shaded in woods, then summer is also an excellent time to climb, hence why it is a popular holiday destination for rock climbers all over Europe. Thousands of climbers are already doing this. A salamander found in the Frankenjura.

Camping with showers, rooms, food, and supplies.

Sport climbing and rock climbing at Frankenjura in Germany

The Frankenjura rocks are basically out of limestone. I appreciate the general approach time here by 2 to 10 mins so much. All the information is taken from frankenjura.

Ethic The limestone is soft – please clean your shoes from dirt in order to avoid polished handholds and steps. Feb 24, Beta: Not just for you but also for others who climb after you.

Sign Up or Log In. Download the App for free. Choose or alternate them as you go. If your climbing partner climbs at the same levelPerfect! Mostly single pitch sport climbing, but not always good protected. On a similar note, the most popular read: I highly recommend you rent a car for your visit. Explore the vertical world and share your climbing experiences with the Vertical-Life climbing app.


Especially in the northern Frankenjura one can find plenty of rather cheap holiday appartments. Upload a photo of area.

Climbing Seasons Spring – often wonderful weather and not much rain. There are over 10, known routes in this gigantic area, and some crags are very secluded, so you’ll want to plan ahead before just cruising over. Frankenjura boasts in excess of 10, routes meaning there is something for climbers of all abilities from beginners, intermediate climbers, through to top end hard climbers. Northern Frankenjura lies in southern Germany, specifically in Franconia the northern part of Bavariaand thus in the middle of Central Europe.

Also the birthplace of the Redpoint Rotpunkt by Kurt Albert. Area Difficulty Popularity Name. Two cabins and a mobile home are also available to book.

The local is also very direct. But constant top-roping wears a bolt or anchor out quickly. They probably have not discovered the walls with crimps and ledges yet. Especially, no publishing of boulders, and no bouldering after sunset. Top editors by karma. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click “Accept” below then you are consenting to this.