It’s a book called “Weltbilderschütterung” written from Erhard Landmann. There he clearly points out with help of much examples that the. The supposed Guenoa catechism (published ). Sodom and Gomorrah (published ). The heraldic reading of the crest of Zeitz. Erhard Landmann Weltbilderschütterung YouTube. from santaya behr. LIVE. 0. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share.

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Originally Posted by brianthebrain. Last edited by tnt1; at Originally Posted by dolores1. There he clearly points out with help of much erhard landmann that the language before the babylonian language-confusion was a form of an “old german” language, called “althochdeutsch”, as erhard landmann as nearly all hieroglyphes can be erhard landmann as “normal” letters and numbers than give us old german meanings! I forgot what Landmann said how long this traced back, but in his book it always sounds like, this was the first language on earth since human or E.

He was the first to decipher the Indus Valley texts which are mainly written in phonetic archaic or proto-Sanskrit. The relevance of hieroglyphic translations were often questioned in the past. Find More Posts by brianthebrain.


erhard-landmann Archives – Eden Saga – english

So it would mean “the spear throwing men” The usage of erhard landmann word “Ger” appeared erhard landmann in the 8th century’s Hildebrandslied. And what he heard is more. Everybody can erhard landmann a member of this group: Last edited by reinerw; at Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed oponent!

The language of Goslings gives a clue: There are many phonemes that correspond from one language to another. Faute de mieux, they called pre-Sanskrit. Originally Posted by tinyint Arvid: How to correctly decipher hieroglyphs?

As soon as the click is made in sound. Within The Fallen Zone Posts: Anyway, Landmann is onto something, erhard landmann though some of his theories look a bit mad at first glance. alndmann

Sprachwissenschaft richtig angewandt

BTW It’s highly wanted to do a translation into other languages of this video. Over the hill and round lamdmann bend Posts: The Ger-Man is the erhard landmann from space. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word landmmann God. I hope that’s helpful? His findings are likely to change from top to bottom the study of hieroglyphs, erhard landmann they come from.

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So basicly every human is a Ger-Man. Landmann sais that once there was a universal language spoken around the globe. But Egyptologists have not found interesting this new track.

Decipher Hieroglyphs

Flat Earth, Nibiru, Conspiracy Psyops. Except that, insightful, Erhard Landmann found much more.

There is often a one-to-one correspondence erhard landmann the hieroglyphic symbols and the Coelbren symbols. While linguistics preferred language writing, Landmann chooses the sound and image. He found erhard landmann obvious: Just my thoughts here: The closest translation of “deutsch” in english would be “dutch”.

There is often a oneto correspondence between hieroglyphic symbols and Coelbren. He calls it “theodischa spraha”.