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To repeat, for El capital financiero hilferding the defining power of the new oligarchy that emerged with the birth of finance capital was its control of fictitious capital. Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism. If Braudel’s thesis is correct, it would be consistent el capital financiero hilferding the idea that finabciero “financialization” is framed within the declining hegemony of the United States, which coincides precisely with the “Great Crisis of the s.

The answer to this question, I think, is yes it is possible, and it has been happening. As Arrighi notes, the profitability crisis that initiated the crisis of the s was “an aspect of a greater crisis of hegemony.

This problem needs to be corrected by including the formation of financial profit in the acquisition of monopoly superprofits. Thorstein Veblen and J. Occasionally, however, as in crises, they diverge at a lower value.

El capital financiero/ Financial capital by Rudolf Hilferding (1985, Paperback)

Securitization also is a response to the cost structure of banks. Contemporary financialization is the offspring of the crisis of the s. Here Veblen distinguishes between two types of el capital financiero hilferding profit: In this context it is worth recalling Fisher’s comment on the depression of the s: Traditionally financial expansion has gone hand-in-hand with prosperity in the real economy.

Finance, financjero Passetp.

Neither the contract which defines their relationship to the enterprise, nor the relationship itself, gives them any such assurance This is how the economy was globalized and financialized in the s and s. That is to say, monopoly profit, which was assumed to be greater than average profit, was the result of the transfer of surplus value from less oligopolized companies and economic sectors to more oligopolized ones. However, there have been periods of capitalist development el capital financiero hilferding which the economy was not “financialized,” such as the periodin which there was ca;ital greater proportionality between the development of the productive and the financial spheres.


University of California Press. In the mold of the Marxist theorists of imperialism for whom the emergence of the financial oligarchy represented the creation of a hierarchy within the bourgeoisie, Hobson maintains that small stockholders and investors are a kind of bourgeois proletariat, that they are, in fact, “a great capitalist proletariat, who el capital financiero hilferding to the operators hilfeeding finance a relation closely el capital financiero hilferding to that which the labouring proletariat bear to the employing class” Ibid.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The income of managers depends increasingly on the value of their stock options.

In this sense, financial profit has the status of a monopoly rent that resembles absolute land rent, which, according to Marx, depended on the absolute monopoly of the landlord over the land. The relationship between the emergence of jointstock companies and the factors working against the law of the falling rate of profit had already been brilliantly described by Marx in Volume III of Capital.

The concentration of production; the monopolies arising therefrom; the merging or coalescence el capital financiero hilferding the banks with industry – such is the history of the rise of finance capital and such is the content of that concept. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

As a social relation, monopoly-finance capital is subject to change and recomposition in its process of development. Sweezy also maintains, with a certain el capital financiero hilferding, that the domination of industry by banks was a phenomenon more characteristic of the German development model than that of the U. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

The two may diverge, and in fact financial assets normally diverge during booms above the value of productive capital.

As Hilferding well understood, with the emergence of finance capital, the majority of shareholders had to content themselves with receiving a dividend approximately equal to the prevailing rate of interest, while a handful of big capitalists, those who had access to the initial offerings of el capital financiero hilferding capital, managed to reap large returns in the form of “promoter’s profits.


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Additionally, there are reasons to believe that financialization may render the economy prone to risk of debt-deflation and prolonged recession. Building on the analyses of Hilferding, Hobson, and Veblen of the promoter’s profit and other financial superprofits, I propose that these forms of profit are el capital financiero hilferding type of “extraordinary surplus value” that is appropriated by monopoly-finance capital through its control over the issuance and circulation of fictitious capital.

Financialization and financial profit

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. But there remains the question: For Marx, bonds representing public and private debts, as well as stocks, el capital financiero hilferding fictitious capital, that is, a title to future surplus value. Since the profit is capitalized, and the capitalized sum constitutes the price of el capital financiero hilferding share, the price of the share seems to contain a second capital.

But probably these frauds could never have become so great without the original starters of real opportunities to invest lucratively.

These do not therefore go into levelling the general rate of profit, because they yield a lower than average rate of profit. In a “credit economy,” as opposed to a “money economy,” “capital” means a fund of money values; and since the credit economy and corporation finance have come to be the ruling factors in industrial business, this fund of money values [ It would el capital financiero hilferding out.