14 Jul Senior Welding Inspector – CSWIP srinivasa rao. Jayson makinano cv JayJay Makinano. Api study guide. JayJay Makinano. 15 Oct Ans Drawing Sympols. CSWIP – Senior Welding Inspector PLUS Theory Pre-course eLearning Package. This eLearning CSWIP Senior Welding Inspection Theory Pre-course.

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Opting for the eLearning package when enrolling has been proven to lead to better results.

Please share your experience. Blogger Comments Facebook Comments. Abid Ali December 9, at Thursday, May 10, Newer Post Older Post.

Interpretation of fractured surfaces. Anonymous July 24, at 7: Function and responsibilities of a senior welding inspector.

Anonymous May 23, at 2: Posted by cswipquestions at 9: In the macro test ten location marked as 1 to 10 you have reply 12 multi-choice questions with reference to the location which is mentioned in the question. Questions are easy or difficult? Don’t forget to bookmark our blog. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.


Anonymous July 14, at 2: Practice in typical examination questions. Your browser has got Javascript disabled the site might not display properly.

CSWIP 3.2 Preparation Course Material

Anonymous May 9, at 5: You can then discuss any such areas with your tutor when attending the week-long course, enabling you to focus on the elements you are finding troublesome and make best use of your time in the classroom. Anonymous October 27, at 3: Comprising 11 modules covering every aspect of the course, the online add-on provides an excellent way of familiarising yourself with all the knowledge you need to gain internationally recognised CSWIP 3.

Timely analysisAproposyou are looking for a CG 20 37We filled out and esigned a fillable version here https: I have come to know that, all papers are multi choice questions!

Nur Mohammad April 14, at 7: Completing these assessments will leave you better equipped for the classroom, and bring to light any areas corse are finding particularly difficult. Each module concludes with an assessment designed to test your knowledge and highlight any gaps in your learning.


Visit regularly to our blog for latest updates. Coourse May 21, at Anonymous November 17, at 6: You should mark the defects on the sketch which defects are noted in the test specimen then you have to reply for 20 multiple choice questions for each plate and pipe.

CSWIP Preparation Course Material

Anonymous May 26, at 2: The eLearning materials include videos, animations, images and interactive activities to help you absorb all the information you will need to succeed when you attend the five-day classroom element of the course, culminating in the CSWIP 3.

But still practical test is there for Macro, Plate and Pipe. Please post the pic of it on this blog or mail on my email I’d: Anonymous August 28, at 8: