The CFM56 core is based on the GE F engine .. CFMA vs –5B Design. CFMA EGT MARGIN is the difference between. Ok, the CFM56 is on the A and the BClassic and NG. . specific since the CFMA, -5B and -5C are three very different engines. In , Tech Insertion became the production configuration for all CFMB engines, further providing operators with significant improvements in fuel.

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CFM International CFM56

The second engine was then shipped to France and first ran there on 13 December The major changes are a difverences fan, a fifth low-pressure turbine stage, and the same four-stage low-pressure compressor found in the -5B variant.

The pictured engine is not a CFM The air passes through internal channels in each blade and ejects at the leading and trailing edges.

A major reason for GE’s interest in the collaboration, rather than building a digferences engine on their own, was that the Snecma project was the only source of development funds for an engine in this class at this particular time. With two separate exhaust points, the flow is “unmixed”. SeeAppendixD2 Sensorlocatedatthe12O’clockpositionontheturbineframe Asemirigidcableconnectsthesensortoanelectricalconnector,whichis securedonabracketonthecoreengineatthe1O’clockposition ThrustReverser: The CFM first ran on 21 April The engines have also suffered, periodically, from thrust instability events tentatively traced to Honeywell’s hydromechanical unit.


An annular combustor is a continuous ring where fuel is injected into the airflow and ignited, raising the pressure and temperature of the flow. Retrieved 16 November Prior to this accident, there were several other incidents of single or dual flameouts due to these weather conditions.

Unlike every other variant of the CFM56, the -5C features a mixed-exhaust nozzle, [nb 1] which offers slightly higher efficiency. Retrieved 1 June InGaruda Indonesia Flight had to ditch in a river because of hail-induced engine flameouts, killing a flight attendant and injuring dofferences of passengers.

The main targets were re-engine contracts for the Douglas DC-8 and the Boeing airliners, including the related military tanker, the KC Stratotanker.

It is most divferences used in military applications where it is known as the F; specifically in the KCthe E-6 Mercury and some E-3 Sentry aircraft. Aircraft engine maintenance, Part 1″. Air Force — still its biggest customer. Systems of Commercial Turbofan Engines: The CFM56 features a single-stage fan, and most variants have a three-stage booster on the low-pressure shaft, [nb 5] with four stages in the -5B and -5C variants.


CFM International CFM56 – Wikipedia

This change was implemented to drive the larger fan on this variant. Nixon administration officials feared that this project could be the beginning of the end of American aerospace leadership. Air Transport Intelligence news via Flightglobal.

Retrieved 19 May The venture was officially founded in Following the Kegworth accident, CFM56 engines fitted to a Dan-Air and a British Midland suffered fan blade failures under similar conditions; neither incident resulted in a crash differeces injuries.

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Retrieved 11 December The CFM56 is designed to support several reverse thrust systems which help slow and stop the aircraft after landing. Joint development aero engines.

The Wall Street Journal. BoeingBoeing CFMI was made responsible for the day-to-day decision making for the project, while major decisions developing a new variant, for example required the go-ahead from GE and Snecma management. Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing Online.

The core and bypass flows are “mixed”.