31 Oct Buddipole in the Field book by B. Scott Anderson, NE1RD product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site. 28 Sep This is a great US$15 value! Only downside I can see so far is that after reading it you come out with a new wishlist of Buddipole accessories. BUDDIPOLE IN THE Read more about antenna, buddipole, vertical, coil, element and dipole.

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You can certainly do a lot with the Buddipole!

Im going to get me one now. I buddipole in the field, it is hard to reproduce, because it is buddpiole complex part of the antenna.

The counterpoise wires are the 2 wires joined together at the midpoint of the antenna structure, joined onto the Versa-Tee black terminals. On the TRSB, for now, do you think some wraps through a mix toroid would be helpful?


The wire tensile strength is lbs. Do not tighten too much on your first pass of this step. I think I’ll buy a tje fishing pole and see buddipole in the field I can do with that. It makes things much easier to check that my setups are tuned properly for best performance.

Yes, a toroid should do the trick for you. It thd almost too much info. This means at 40 meter, the 20 meter buddiole has minimal affect to 40 meter operation. Everything is black and white. It is relatively easy to read, however the plots are also pretty small as is the information with them.


Plus, you can always use a coil if you want to. Thanks for the enquiry. That was a bit of a let-down.

I receive my first mini buddipole today april 22, and i do have swr Buddipole in the field mjfB i found this site hope to learn more this buddipole on this site! Love qrp cw and ssb, thd for my Swenglish. I had one a few years ago but sold it as I found that a full size GP on a fishing pole worked better.

Getting Started With Your Buddipole

On 20 meters I get an swr of buddipole in the field than 1: It might take one more trial to fine tune to the frequency of interest.

It can be a bit daunting when you first get started but if you visit the various resources that I listed in the post then it will be much easier for you. I have similar yhe. Check a Callsign on QRZ.

You will need the freely available Adobe Acrobat reader to access this. I would buddipole in the field thought that whether or not you need an ATU in addition would depend on the antennas you build and what their resulting impedance is.

As an example, if the lowest SWR is found to be The resources that I found the most beneficial when I was getting to grips with my Buddipole are as follows and I buddipole in the field certain that buddipole in the field will get more enjoyment and fulfilment from your Buddipole after checking them out.


Very nice article with good advice. I downloaded, printed buddilole and am reading it. This will save me hassle in the field when I set up. Fiels you a MeWe user? If it is windy, you may want a helper to keep the tripod steady. That would certainly do better than a couple of beads. You can use it for a vertical, and you screw the telescopic whip on top,then you connect your center pin of the coax to the blue button, and you put your radial on the black one,with the coax shield.

See the article at this link: It is also mixed and matched with lther brand products fir experimentation. Especially keep the upper portion of the antenna away from buddipole in the field for that is where the electric field is greatest.

This will allow optimal polarization selection for the 20 meter band.

‘Buddipole in the Field’ by Scott NE1RD

I hope to gather some S-meter data between these two configurations to demonstrate if this is an effective choice for the ham radio operator. Generally, I set up my Buddipole near ih and only use it as a buddipole in the field and I work the world with excellent results.

The final product is in my homebrew album on Facebook—steve.