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On Wed, Nov 18, at 9: Makes sense to use a low noise jfet for oscilloscope input, if the frequency response is overly critical.

Whereas I will be soldering at the board anyway, guess I mount tiny small transistor sockets and experiment a bit using several fets to get myself comfortable working with these. Computers, office equipment, communications equipment, test and measurement equipment. No license, either express, implied or otherwise, is granted under any patents, copyrights or other. However, there seem some problems in the pre-amp at least a very scratchy volume pot.

On Tue, Nov 17, at 2: For a 20 MHz oscilloscope, it would be difficult to find a small signal JFET which is too slow and that is why it worked. However, it turned out to be broken as well, but did show a trace.

Pioneer SA900 recap /refurbishment, FET 2SK30Y question

Your name or email address: The recommended applications of. The gain is close to unity and therefore the JFET is not very demanding when it comes to frequency range.

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The Vgs affects operating range but it otherwise not important; usually low Vgs JFETs are used and the drain current is set so that the offset from the input to the output of the composite amplifier is zero volts.

The new topic will begin with this message.

(PDF) 2SK30 Datasheet PDF Download – N-Channel Silicon MOSFET

Before using this document, please. It was far more complex than I first imagined it to be. Even Fairchild made a ksk30, y grade has a Idss of 1.

In older designs you will find a pair of matched JFETs with the top one acting as the buffer and the bottom one acting as a constant current load. Newer designs use a low input bias current operational amplifier in place of the bottom JFET however while this allows for better offset drift with temperature, they will usually have worse overload recovery.

So I looked back at the datasheet of the original 2SK jfet and it says right dqtasheet on the front page: It turned out that Vgs of the jfet I used was too high.

2SK30 Datasheet

I found a couple and bought two types: Ciss is closely related to input voltage noise because large junctions have less noise and more capacitance.

Now the only thing I’m not sure about is if I read the curves correctly. In this schematic high frequencies go dstasheet Q while low frequencies go through U and Q On Wed, 18 Nov So the drain to source voltage and the drain current can be considered constant.

I can find different gm values on this plot. Do you already have an account? Hello all, Short version: NEC devices are classified into the following three quality grades:. Measure the THD to see if there is any problem. Thank you again for a great answer. Emitter to ground voltage would be about same as voltage over collector resistor. No, create an account now. Typically the constant 2sk3 current will be 5 to 10 milliamps and from that it is possible to lookup the Gm which is what I did.


Close to Alkmaar, Datasheett.

On Fri, Nov 20, at 8: See schematic at http: On Tue, Nov 17, at I should have looked there for answers, I will certainly give that a thorough read. Does anybody here have experience with this circuit? When I got them in, and was trying to decide whether to use the 2SK30A or the 2SK first I discovered that they’re both for “audio frequencies”.

Yes, my password is: Searching the datasheet I stumble over other partnumbers, without graphs of this FETs behavior. You can look for “Vertical Amplifier Circuits” by Tektronix.

2SK30 2SK30ATM-Y N-Channel 50V mA

Your email is included with the abuse report. Circuit description from the manual: I do not think that there is anything wrong, the two jfets do not have the same Idss, so the bias will vary. NEC Corporation does not assume any liability for infringement of patents, copyrights or other intellectual property.